I am a spoiled 16-year-old

I got all these presents for my birthday this year. I’m such a spoiled 16-year-old. Oh yeah, I’m 16 by the time you read this.

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If you don’t feel special…


It’s almost Christmas, so everyone should feel happy and loved. But if you have a moment when you don’t feel special or good enough, just remember that every moment, every person you met, every mistake you made, every chance you took and every place you visited made you to the person who you are now, where you are now. And if that isn’t special, then nothing is.

Merry Christmas in advance! Enjoy the days before Christmas :)

My peach hair

You might recognize this hair from this outfit post. I love it still and I’m a bit sad about not having this hair colour anymore. I have a bit of dye left so I might do it again soon, but I want to keep it for a ‘special’ occasion. In this blogpost I’m going to tell you the story behind this hairstyle :)

Double exposure

Double exposure - london eye
I like photography, and I love editing my pictures after my photo-taking-trip. In cases like big cities or holidays it brings back the memories and the moments I almost forgot about.

For school, I have an assignment and the task is ‘manipulated image’. I thought double exposure would do the job, it’s two pictures in one image which make it look like a different reality. What I like about the picture above is the buildings on the background. I’m thinking of fixing the foreground a bit because it’s too messy, what do you think?

Double exposure - londen
I like this one a lot too, it almost looks like a reflection. And it’s London again, so that’s a good thing :)

Double exposure - meer bloemen
Oh oh this is gorgeous isn’t it? I can’t exactly say what it is about this one, but the colours are so pretty and I like to think of the branches as thoughts.

I love double exposure. I think I’ll experiment with it for a little :) What do you think about double exposures and what I made of it?

Happy fall y’all

The days are getting shorter, leaves start falling, your summerdresses are getting banned to the back of your closet…. Yeah guys, you have to admit it, summer is starting to fade into fall! Here are my (H&M) musthaves. :)

All these items are from H&M because I think it’s the easiest! Everyone has an H&M  nearby  and  it’s really  easy  to order online, so if you want to buy any of these  items  listed  above  you  can  easily  find  them.  I  did  link  them to the Dutch site though, but I think you can find all these in your country as well.

Printed pants
 – plaid skirt – blazer with fake leather sleaves new york topnot your girl topplaid messenger bagheadband – necklace – panty