My 9 favorite Tumblr blogs


Tumblr, I love it! It’s my favorite social media platform and I spend a lot of my hours there. Oops. So today I’m going to talk about the blogs I reblog from the most!

image – Beauty Undefined
I love Kate’s blog! It’s the perfect mix of posts. It has fashion, quotes and inspirational posts. Oh, and she’ll give you a shout-out if you ask, hehe :)

image – Norephinephrine
Mira has a very awesome blog as well, I love the tattoo posts you see in the screenshot and she posts a lot of landscape pictures that I like.

image – Memories ♥
I love love love the quotes in this blog. I like the pictures of cute couples as well, but the quotes are so amazing.

image – *insert cute chinese signs here*
I’m sorry for the Chinese signs, I don’t know how to copy or find those. However, Courtney’s blog is gorgeous. Amazingly beautiful pictures of buildings, cities, landscapes and animals. Truly gorgeous and inspirational! This is a blog you just want to scroll through forever.

image – Broken
Maria (Mia) is my fave! I love her blog and she’s just so sweet :) She helps people at her blog and she just posts amazing things.

image – Lavished in lust
Well, I don’t really know what to say, Jennifer’s posts are just great and cute.

image – Fries B4 Guys
Cute and funny posts. Rose’s blog is awesome!

image – Beautiful
Perfect combination from fashion, some funny posts and landscape-ish posts :) Loving this one.

Well, those are my 9 favorite/most-reblogged-from blogs! I hope you like it and maybe you can follow one of them if you like :) Do you have Tumblr? I’ll check yours out if you leave it in the comments!


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