Double exposure

Double exposure - london eye
I like photography, and I love editing my pictures after my photo-taking-trip. In cases like big cities or holidays it brings back the memories and the moments I almost forgot about.

For school, I have an assignment and the task is ‘manipulated image’. I thought double exposure would do the job, it’s two pictures in one image which make it look like a different reality. What I like about the picture above is the buildings on the background. I’m thinking of fixing the foreground a bit because it’s too messy, what do you think?

Double exposure - londen
I like this one a lot too, it almost looks like a reflection. And it’s London again, so that’s a good thing :)

Double exposure - meer bloemen
Oh oh this is gorgeous isn’t it? I can’t exactly say what it is about this one, but the colours are so pretty and I like to think of the branches as thoughts.

I love double exposure. I think I’ll experiment with it for a little :) What do you think about double exposures and what I made of it?


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