Get to know me!

Hey guys! Since this is my first post, I thought it was a good idea to do a tag so you could get to know me :) Enjoy!!

What’s your year of birth? I’m born in 1998, the 16th of december to be precise!

How tall are you? Uhm around 162 cm I think (5″3 or a little something like that). I’m not very tall.

Where were you thinking about when you woke up this morning? Well, I wrote this tag on friday and that was the last day of my test week soooo I was thinking about my last test (math).

Where are you right now? I’m in my bedroom, behind my desk! It’s my standard blogging-place.

Single/relationship? Single and ready to… Wait, what?


 Picture by me

Describe yourself short but sweet: Ohh this is a hard one. I think I’d describe myself as a blogger (because it’s a lifestyle – no I’m not kidding), happy and a little weird at times. Of course I’m not always happy but I try to be.

Guy/Girlcrush: Bea Miller, Bethany Mota, Perrie Edwards, Lana Del Rey, Gemma Styles (oh godddd the styles genes guys) and Ansel Elgort, Dylan O’Brien, all the guys from 1D & 5SOS (sorry not sorry :P), Ed Sheeran and, last but not least Ryan Tedder. I might have a small problem with celebrity crushes, cuz I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a few.

What do you want at this moment? Good grades for my tests (especially  math).

What’s your goal in life? I want to be happy and to have succes with something I like. I truly believe that you just got to do what you like and not what makes most money.

What are you afraid of? I’m a bit afraid of the dark (I think it’s because of something that happened when I was younger but I can’t remember), but I’m working on that and I’m afraid to lose loved ones, because I find it hard to deal with someone ‘just not being there’ anymore.

Picture by me

Do you have your licence? No I don’t, I’m only 15!

Nailpolish or lipstick? Definitely nailpolish. I used to be obsessed with nailpolish and that’s why I still have a large stash, but I don’t use it that often anymore (I should, though). I like lipstick to but I  never ever wear it.

What’s your favorite season? Spring, because everything starts growing again. I think spring is the most beautiful season and I like the temperature too :) I’m not so much of a fall and winter person.

Do you ever want to get married? Yeah, definitely! Especially when I see those gorgeous dresses on tv.

Are you a healthfreak? No not really, but I’m trying to eat healthier.

What is your hair colour and lenght? My hair is naturally dark brown but I currently have a blond ombre, but I’m thinking of painting it peach again (like in the photo) but it fades really fast. My hair comes just above my bra clasp, but it looks shorter because of the natural wave my hair has.

What clothing/make-up item do you want currently? A lot actually! I really want a pair of ripped skinny jeans (with rips at the knees), a load of plaid shirts and a black (fake) leather jacket. And H&M has a lot of cool new divided items I love. Make-up wise I can’t really think of something except of a dark lipstick (burgundy-ish), that would be nice for fall/winter.

Ed Sheeran  | via FacebookSource

Do you have any tattoos? 
No, but I do want a (or multiple) tattoos. I think they’re so cool. For example Ed Sheeran’s, wow. So beautiful and creative. I don’t have any idea about what tattoo (and where) I would want.

Do you have piercings? No, I only have my both ears pierced (two ‘holes’ in each ear). I like piercings too, but I’m not sure if I want one. I like nose- and eyebrowpiercings usually, like those pictures you see on tumblr.

Do you wear glasses? Yes and no, I have contacts and glasses. (but I don’t like my glasses).

What’s your perfect pizza? My perfect pizza is any pizza. I love pizza. My fave is quattro formaggi (four cheeses) but I honestly like every pizza. Oh and cheese crust is heaven.

Favorite food/beverages? Coca cola vanille is my favorite drink! It’s not really healthy so I don’t drink it much but it’s so good. And my favorite food is echt mijn favoriete drankje! Het is niet echt gezond (ik drink ook meestal water) maar het is wel enorm lekker. En mijn favoriete eten is pizza.

What’s your favorite perfume? Guess Girl Belle is my all time favorite, it’s a lovely sweet scent.

What is the last thing you bought? A dress at H&M! I’m obsessed with H&M online, I keep finding amazing items that I need to have.

What where you doing at 8 o’clock this morning? You’re probably not going to believe me or think I’m crazy but I was studying for my math test. Not sure if it helped though…

Favorite icecream (flavour)? Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough or choclate & lemon.

Are you a heavy sleaper or an early bird? I do need a lot of sleep but I wake up normal times (I guess). I wake up at half past 6 at school days.

 Picture by me

What are your plans for 2015? I haven’t really thought about that because it seems so far away (it was still october the day I wrote this). I might do a ‘2015 intentions’ video/post, but I want to travel a lot (like every year) and I want to pass this year… No idea if that’s going to happen but it would be great.

How many pillows do you sleep with? Trois (French for three if you didn’t know!). I love pillows and I have a lot more but I don’t sleep with those.

Are you a morning or a night person? Definitely night! I always get urges to clean and to do things at night while in the morning I just want to sleep.

Are you organized or messy? I’m afraid I have to say messy… I want to be organized but I just can’t haha.

What do you want to see at this  moment? The Maze Runner part 2 and Where She Went. The movies aren’t here yet but I want to see them so badly because I loved the first parts. Oh and I’m extremely excited for Paper Towns.

What do you think you will have accomplished in 10 years? I have no idea, it’s still so far away. I don’t want to look forward to much, now is good. I just hope, and expect, that I do things and have done things that I like and want.

Who do you miss right now? A few of my friends that I don’t see much anymore because they’re off to college. :(

What’s your favorite body part of yourself? Does hair counts as a body part? I hope it does because that would be it.

Are you shy? No, I’m not shy. I sometimes have trouble with talking in class but that’s not shyness, I just don’t really like that.

Do you have an accent? Uhm I don’t think so! I don’t in Dutch at least, in English I’m not sure. My friends say I don’t but I’m Dutch so I probably do have a little accent anyway. You’ll see (hear) when I make a video :)

Do you have brothers or sisters? How old are they? I have a younger brother (14) and sister (12).

What does your daily life look like? Not much interesting I’m afraid! I go to school, I make homework and I blog when there’s time left… Sometimes I do fun things like working out or meeting with friends but yeah, I’m just a teenager.

I hope you guys liked reading it, I definitely enjoyed answering the questions :) If you have any more questions, you can ask me in the comments and I’ll answer them! See you tomorrow :)


2 thoughts on “Get to know me!

  1. This is the first thing I read on your blog, and I already love it. Ur peach hair is so pretty!


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